Handicraft: At UBNS, We are able to manufacture any kind of jute based bags and related products. Including jure bags, cheap cost jute shopping bags, wine bags, promotional jute bags and other raw jute products. As the use of polythene is banned due to achieve a green earth we have decided to manufacture jute bags as this if could be a smart, cheap and best alternate for polythin bags. Which can ne s step ahead for us to make our earth livable. Jute bags are so beautiful and other hand Eco friendly. In case you don’t know the jute products are perishable and biodegradable. Out jute products has no artificial ingredients and it is 100% natural.
Leather: We have source of leather accessories. From the initial idea and realization we try and walk new paths finding solutions and uncommon approaches. If you are the HARDGRAFT customer you appreciate the uniqueness and creativity that has gone into each product. Your eyes are fine tuned - you simply see what others don’t. Details make you happy. Surprising features keep you on the edge of your seat. We endeavor to offer you products that are at the forefront of creativity moving towards future aesthetics one product at a time. We are taking your design and concept to make your standard product.

Import & Export:
ADINA Trade international is one of the few leading areas of business commerce. With a number of major companies as clients, we are able to service your import and export requirements throughout the globe using our vast manufacturing and supplier network base while having the ability to make the deals in a timely and professional manner. Out methodology is to approach our clients need on a holistic basis to establish your specific needs and your intended goals.

Fabric Supply:
We are one of the leading suppliers of China and Local of source. We are linked of woven fabric manufacturers suppliers, manufacturing woven fabrics as yarn-dyed woven fabric, printed woven fabric, linen woven fabric, cotton woven fabric, auto loom woven fabric, yarn-dyed woven fabric in our factories.

Jute Charcoal Powder: The jute stick charcoal powder is made from jute stick. After high temperature anaerobic charring we get the jute stick powder. This kind of charcoal powder is uses E.G. Environment protection, water purification, medicine, printer ink, cosmetic, firework etc.
1.    Product name: Jute stick charcoal powder
2.    Country of origin: Bangladesh
3.    Moisture: 3.72%
4.    Ash content: 4.30%
5.    Volatile matter: 16.13%
6.    Carbon: 75.85%
Packing: 13-15 kg per bag out pp inside poly bag.
Shipment time: After rcvd L/C within 30days.

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